AI-powered home security system strikes back with paintballs and tear gas

AI-powered home security system strikes back with paintballs and tear gas

In an age where home security is more important than ever, innovation takes center stage with the advent of AI-powered systems designed to keep intruders at bay. One such groundbreaking development is the introduction of a new security device, PaintCam Eve, which brings a novel approach to protecting your premises.

AI-powered Home Security Systems

The PaintCam Eve is not your ordinary security camera. Developed by a Slovenian company named PaintCam, this device is equipped to dispense paintballs and tear gas as a means of deterring unwanted visitors. With its advanced computer vision technology, the PaintCam Eve is capable of identifying human faces and animals, even in low-light conditions, allowing for a discerning approach to security.

Advanced Features and User Control

Offering users substantial control, the PaintCam Eve system notifies homeowners when an unrecognized individual is detected. Through its app interface, homeowners are provided with the option to warn or deploy non-lethal measures against the intruder. This level of interactivity introduces a morally complex dimension to home security.

Navigating Ethical and Legal Landscapes

While the prospect of a proactive defense system is appealing to many, the use of autonomous force raises ethical and legal questions. For instance, the potential for misidentification poses a liability risk and has sparked debate among security experts and civil rights advocates. To learn more about the ethical implications of AI in security, click here.

Market Potential Amid Challenges

The global home security market is estimated to reach a value of $106.3 billion by 2030, illustrating the growing demand for innovative security solutions like PaintCam Eve. However, its commercial success hinges on addressing legal and public perception challenges associated with such technology.


As of April 23, 2024, PaintCam launched a Kickstarter campaign for Eve, signaling its availability to early backers. The company's commitment to providing intelligent and adaptable security solutions underscores its mission to make the world a safer place.

The integration of AI-powered devices like PaintCam Eve marks a pivotal moment in home security, blending advanced technology with actionable deterrence. As we embrace these innovative solutions, it remains crucial to understand and navigate the ethical and legal implications they present. For more information on AI-powered security solutions, visit our blog.