OpenAI’s commitment to child safety: adopting safety by design principles

OpenAI’s commitment to child safety: adopting safety by design principles

In a significant move towards enhancing child safety, OpenAI has announced its commitment to adopting Safety by Design principles. This initiative, part of a larger industry-wide effort led by Thorn and All Tech Is Human, aims to address the potential misuse of generative AI technologies in causing sexual harm against children.

A Collective Effort for a Safer Future

Joining forces with tech giants such as Amazon, Google, and Microsoft, OpenAI is dedicating itself to creating a safer digital environment for children. Through rigorous development, deployment, and maintenance practices, the tech industry seeks to prevent AI from being exploited for nefarious purposes.

Safety by Design: A Proactive Approach

Safety by Design principles guide companies to incorporate child safety at every stage of AI development. From sourcing training datasets responsibly to deploying solutions aimed at curbing adversarial misuse, these measures are critical for the responsible use of AI technologies.

OpenAI's Commitment

OpenAI’s dedication to child safety is reflected in its efforts to minimize harmful content generation, set age restrictions for ChatGPT, and engage with organizations like NCMEC on enhancing child protection mechanisms.

Making Progress Together

With annual progress updates from the working group, this collaborative effort marks an important milestone in ethical tech development. OpenAI, alongside its industry peers, is driving forward initiatives that promise to uphold the best interest of children in the digital age.

A Shared Vision for Child Safety

This collective action reflects a unified approach towards prioritizing the welfare of society's most vulnerable. By adhering to Safety by Design principles, OpenAI and its partners demonstrate their commitment to ethical innovation.

To learn more about Thorn's initiative and the Safety by Design principles, visit their website.

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